SMACNA Manuals

The SMACNA federation is not simply a contractor based trade association, but in addition is a long time and highly recognized standard setting organization. While the involvement of our trade organization can trace its roots back into the 1890s, their initial effort in standard setting occurred in the 1920s with their publication of “Standard Practice in Sheet Metal Work,” (reproductions of this historic publication are still available through the SMACNA Publications Department). In the mid-1940s the national Bureau of Standards approached the Sheet Metal Contractors National Association (SMCNA) requesting the development of a “Simplified Standard” for metal roofing, gutters and drainage items and the SMACNA Architectural Manual was born. This document quickly became and remains the “bible” for architectural sheet metal applications. Since that time SMACNA has developed many technical standards and guides for a variety of sheet metal applications. Today SMACNA publishes in excess of 60 technical and business management standards and guides; their standards are incorporated in building codes throughout the United States and Canada and are routinely referenced in building specifications. They are also frequently found in building requirements outside North America. The development of these documents rests with volunteer committees comprised of active knowledgeable contractor members. “We write the standards!”

SMACNA Manual List 2015