President’s Message

SMACNA of Southern Nevada’s leadership consists of member firm representatives elected by the full chapter membership. The leadership pool is comprised of four officers, President, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer and Immediate Past President, who serve with four elected Directors.
The current Chapter President is Brad Davis of P1 Group.

Membership in SMACNA is voluntary and by firm as opposed to individuals. Member representatives need to be cognizant of the fact that membership brings with it a multitude of resources and services that can help improve business operations, technical knowledge, and skills, and provide practical information regarding other areas, such as, labor relations, legislative and political developments and legal interpretations. It is important to note that these resources are accessed only as the result of member involvement.

SMACNA offers its member firms the best industry resources available; the best-trained workforce; access to the most current technology and equipment; and the knowledge and experience required to ensure the client the most economical installation available. However, involvement and participation in the Association are necessary ingredients to assure a meaningful return on the investment in membership. In addition, involvement and participation by its members strengthen the association and its effectiveness in the industry and community.

SMACNA of Southern Nevada is dedicated to being a unified industry voice, for the combined benefit of our companies, our employees and our communities by providing programs, training, government relations and regulatory services. Contractors that are signatory to the local sheet metal collective bargaining agreement qualify for membership, I urge you to give serious consideration to joining and adding your voice and participation to this worthy initiative. The direct advantages of such affiliation to the individual contractor and the resulting development of a power base for positive influence in the industry and community by the association should, in my mind, spawn one hundred percent participation.