Member Benefits

SMACNA of Southern Nevada is a Chapter of The Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association, Inc. (SMACNA) the professional alliance of union sheet metal contractors engaged in the design, fabrication, installation of:

architectural sheet metal applications, including metal building envelopes, laggings, roofing systems, and highly specialized aesthetic metal treatments for both exterior and interior applications;
Highly efficient energy saving Green/LEED certified heating, ventilating, and cooling (HVAC) environmental systems, including duct and fittings fabrication, system testing, commissioning, service and maintenance;
Custom stainless steel kitchen, food handling, and specialty metals applications;
Manufacture of a variety of sheet metal devices and products; and
Custom sheet metal applications.

One of the primary values of membership is the influence the organization achieves by building a power base to help regulate the business environment in which the members operate. The larger the member base the greater the potential influence. Since SMACNA is a federation of local Chapters this power impacts both local and national environments. The flow of power runs both ways …. as the Chapter grows its local influence grows and as the number of Chapters grow the national association also grows and so does its power base. This enables the organization to accomplish many things through collective authority that no single firm can accomplish on its own.

Membership in Smacna of Southern Nevada and National Smacna is by contracting firm; once a firm affiliates with the Chapter it is automatically affiliated and a member of National SMACNA. The members have one common element, they utilize sheet metal and/or sheet metal products in their business operations. Member firms are diverse ranging from firms that design, fabricate and install energy efficient Green/LEED environmental systems in buildings; firms that manufacture produces for sell to the industry; firms that provide system testing, maintenance and service; and firms that operate in special market sectors, such as stainless steel fabrications and food service system installations.

But beyond the esoteric benefit of industry influence, member firms accrue a variety of other direct benefits. Following is a listing of such benefits.
Direct access to the accepted industry standards and publications at considerably reduced prices. New members are eligible to receive a complete set of all publications at no cost when they join (a retail value of over $6,000 – of course it is hoped that a new member will limit their selection to only those publications that impact their area of business);
Members are automatically notified of new editions or modifications (errata lists) and may request gratis copies of same;
Provided the opportunity to contribute to the development and/or revision of publications through service on committees and task forces (expenses for such service are reimbursed);
Opportunity to participate in a variety of educational programs, seminars, and webinars directed at business management, technical expertise, and personal growth; programming provided through industry acclaimed professionals.
Technical standard interpretation and application assistance through the SMACNA Technical Department;
Labor Relations consultation and arbitration services through the SMACNA Labor Department, which can include direct access to the national leadership of the Sheet Metal Workers’ International Association, Inc. (SMWIA);
Contractor advocacy in grievance processing and labor negotiations;
Assistance and guidance in Human Relations issues, also through the SMACNA Labor Department;
Public Relations and marketing advise through the SMACNA Public Relations and Communications Department;
Safety materials, tools and updates on OSHA regulations and requirements;
Legislative and political advocacy, both local and national issues;
The opportunity to meet and exchange ideas and experiences with fellow contractors from across the nation and around the globe; and
Enjoy the comradery and develop new friendships with fellow contractors.

A great deal of information today is available electronically through the web pages of both SMACNA of Southern Nevada ( and National SMACNA (

Many of the benefits of membership in SMACNA or any other organization are intangibles and are a direct result of the personal interchange between individuals.

In general, the more you get involved, the more benefit you gain.

We hope you will seriously consider joining SMACNA of Southern Nevada.