Government Affairs

UCIC Logo The Unified Construction Industry Council (UCIC) is a labor-management cooperation committee comprised of representatives of the 14 labor unions belonging to the Southern Nevada Building Trades and representatives from their corresponding construction trade associations who represent the construction employers also known as subcontractors. This labor-management group represents X number of tradesmen and X number of subcontractors in southern Nevada. Together, the UCIC works tirelessly to protect Nevada’s construction industry through political advocacy and by delivering out-of-the-box job site delivery methods to its customers.

In the world of construction, an owner/developer seeks to build something, that something could be a hospital, a retail store, a casino, an industrial project. The owner/developer then hires a general contractor through an established bidding practice. In today’s world, general contractors self-perform very little work and instead bring in skilled tradesmen employed by subcontractors who are trained in specific aspects of construction to perform the work. The general contractor then manages the various subcontractors who actually conduct the work.

Labor unions are known for their ability to supply skilled craftsmen. Signatory subcontractors are the companies that employ the supply of skilled craftsmen. The construction trade associations help provide benefits and services to the subcontractors and interact regularly with the labor unions to promote the construction industry overall. They are all interdependent on one another and together they pose a formidable body of knowledge and resources because they are the backbone of the construction industry.

At this time, UCIC has identified seven critical issues for the construction industry in the 2017 session of the Nevada State Legislature. The UCIC is positioning itself to be a viable resource on these issues to help legislators make informed decisions that directly affect Nevada’s construction businesses, workers and that will ultimately support and grow our communities and state as a whole.

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