Breaking News! SMACNA’s weekly Chaptergram is retiring

After many years, the SMACNA weekly Chaptergram is going away. In its place is a new communication vehicle for chapter leaders: the Chapter Leadership News. If you have been receiving the Chaptergram, you will automatically receive the Chapter Leadership News.

SMACNA’s Chapter Leadership News will deliver more than the typical SMACNA products and services info. It will contain what you need to be a successful leader.

Not only will it give chapter leaders advance notice about what’s happening at SMACNA, it will contain information to help you run a better chapter, attract millennials, generate chapter revenue, elevate the SMACNA reputation among the design community, and much, much more.

The Chapter Leadership News will be mailed sporadically and only if SMACNA has new information specifically for chapters and chapter leaders. It will not be a repeat of articles in the Member Update, we promise. Our goal is fewer, more targeted mailings from SMACNA.

Anyone can sign up for the Chapter Leadership News using the “My Profile” link in the top right section of the SMACNA homepage. This new email vehicle is specifically for chapter presidents, vice presidents, councilors, chapter executives, future SMACNA leaders and anyone interested in becoming a SMACNA leader.